The 3 P's Of Nighttime Dog Walking

Nighttime walks with your dog are a fantastic way to unwind from a long day and get some last minute time in together before bed. However, there are literal day and night differences to consider when it comes to evening walks. Stay safe with these three tips!


1. Be prudent

Walking alone with your dog at night requires some serious common sense. Always walk a familiar route and stay within well-lit areas. Whenever possible, walk with a friend or fellow dog-lover. 

2. Be present

Aside from spending precious bonding time with your furry family member, it's especially important to be aware while walking at night. Don't be distracted by headphones, always stay on the sidewalk, and walk against traffic to be better seen by passing vehicles.

3. Be prepared

It goes without saying that you'll have your phone (and if it doesn't—bring your phone!) Dress for the weather and carry a dependable light source (not just your phone!) If you're a big night-time walker, consider investing in a reflective collar and leash. The more visibility of you two, the better!

Hannah Gregg