8 Unbelievably Opulent Pet Accessories You Have To See To Believe

Everyone loves to pamper their pooch—some more than others. The rich and the famous prefer to have the best money can buy, regardless of the cost and the likelihood their pups will destroy it. This insanely expensive dog merch will leave you scratching your head behind the ears.

image via successstory.com

image via successstory.com

1. This high-end dog house:

All of the experts agree dogs need their own space, but to the uber wealthy, a crate simply won't do. Fear not! Andy Ramus Designed Dog House offers everything a pup needs—and then some! For the cool price of $417,000, your dog can call this amenity filled "dog house" your own. 

With high tech features like temperature controlled beds, custom sound system, plasma tv, and dog vision cameras, this canine castle also features retina scanners—just in case the neighbor's dog decides to interlope. 

Flickr: JMPK  / creative commons

Flickr: JMPK / creative commons

2. This beautiful breed:

Of the literal hundreds of breeds available around the world, the Löwchens (aka "Little Lions") clock in as the most expensive dog in the world. These small, long-haired pooches have been around since the Renaissance and can be seen in plenty of world-class paintings. From noblemen come noble dogs—and by "noble" I mean virtually extinct. Because of their current rarity, these 19th century canines can fetch upwards of $10,000.


image via  puppywire.com

image via puppywire.com

3. This costly collar:

As they say, "Diamonds are a dog's best friend." Wait, isn't it "Diamonds are a girl's best friend?"

Not to the diamond giants behind La Collection de Bijoux, home to the World's Most Expensive dog collar. At a staggering $3.2 million, the Amour collar can be yours. With a stunning 7-carat brilliant-shaped center stone adorned with 1,600 hand-set diamond, the beautiful 18-carat white gold and crocodile leather bauble is designed for "comfort and durability." While there's no leash included, your priciest pearl necklace could serve.



4. These treasured treats:

Just because your dog is prone to eating your shoes, table scraps, and their own vomit, doesn't mean they don't have a taste for the finer things in life. So what do you feed the fido that has everything? Organic Pet Boutique's Kobe Beef and Truffle Jerky Treats!


At $1000, you can get your hands on an 8oz bag of these treats, which are pure, all-natural Kobe Beef infused with some of the most expensive truffle oil in the world. 

Flickr: Lovro Rumiha  / creative commons

Flickr: Lovro Rumiha / creative commons

5. This crazy carrier:

Where there are designer bags, there are designer animal carriers. World-renowned luxury fashion house  Louis Vuitton rings in at the top, beating out the likes of Susan Lanci and Prada. For $58,000, you, too, can show off your designer pup in your designer bag. Don't worry, they throw in food and water dishes!


6. This mind-boggling bowl:

The price of this Versace Bowl will—pun intended—bowl you over. The enamel and gold food bowl clocks in at $750 (making it one of the cheaper items on the list.) My suggestion? By a few and use them as dishes!


7. This designer dud:

If you spend thousands on your own wardrobe, you might as well dress your dog similarly. For a cool $1,200, your pup can be the talk of the dog park dressed in Roberto Cavalli's line featuring tracksuits, silk shorts, and even bathrobes!


image via  harrisonk9.com

image via harrisonk9.com

8. This top-of-the-line training:

When it comes to getting the best training money can buy, the Harrison K-9 facility in South Carolina is where to go. If you've got $230,000 burning in your wallet and want a dog that can do it all, the academy is where to go. Generally they cost between $40-50K, but their priciest pooch went for the aforementioned pricing. 


What can you get from such a service? Advanced obedience, protection, tracking, search and detect for intruders, and a loving family temperament.




Hannah Gregg