The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The US

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend, but men are complicated and have a lot of needs, so a lot goes into the decision of which dog to get. It may need to be a guard dog, service dog, a companion pup, or a family dog. Anyway you slice it, it’s going to be adorable. Here is a countdown of the top 10 most popular breeds this year according to the American Kennel Club’s yearly registrations.


10. Boxers

Their very protective and loving nature make a bulldog the perfect combination for a family. They also have an interesting past: they served as excellent couriers in war time and their powerful build and acute intelligence make them fantastic seeing-eye dogs. Though, even with two big black eyes, this little guy doesn’t look like he’s boxing anyone any time soon.


9. Yorkshire Terriers

There little guys have always been hot. With their beautiful coats and itty bitty bodies, it’s easy to see why people are obsessed. They don’t really grow, so basically you get a permanent puppy. The only pint-sized thing about them is their stature, their personalities are brave, determined, investigative, and energetic. At least this guy is so teeny tiny, it can’t possibly be that hard to keep up with him.


8. Rottweilers

These intelligent, self-confident, and hard-working dogs offer a surprising variety of jobs. They are great police dogs, herders, service dogs, and therapy dogs. It’s interesting to see a dog that can just as easily be a junkyard dog as it can be a therapy dog. This Rottweiler’s only job is to chew on his leaf. Om nom nom!


7. Poodles

It’s no surprise why poodles are such a popular dog: they come in three different sizes and have thick, curly coats that come in a wide variety of colors. It’s almost like you can build your own poodle! They are incredibly obedient and exceptionally smart and, because they are hypoallergenic, they make very popular family dogs.


6. French Bulldogs

Frenchies are small in size, have medium-level energy, and a huge dose of cuteness. French Bulldogs are highly adaptable, as well as playful and smart. Great with children, seasonal shedding, and easily trained, these it's easy to see why these lovable pups have been slowly, yet surely, climbing the AKC Top Dogs List.


5. Beagles

Beagles have always been great dogs. They are great hunting companions and their cheerful personalities and love of outdoors make them great family dogs. 


4. Bulldogs

Bulldogs generally have a very gentle disposition, which makes them great with other dogs and families. They aren’t exactly lap dogs, but they’re known to hop their chubby butts right up in their owner’s lap. They have a very short lifespan in comparison to other dogs (only 5-6 years) and cost a pretty penny, they ring in at the tune of around $9,000. The most famous bulldog is undoubtedly Handsome Dan, Yale’s mascot. As the first mascot for a college, there have been 17 total Handsome Dans since 1889. Each one is well taken care of by coaches, deans, directors, even cheerleaders.


3. Golden Retrievers

Goldens have always been a super popular dog as they are eager-to-please and make for great family dogs. They are super patient, so a little one tugging at their fur or trying to ride them doesn’t bother them one bit. These dogs are also intelligent and hardworking, so they make great search-and-rescue, guide, and assistance dogs. They also make for amazing therapy dogs, nine of them were sent to Newton, CT after the horrific school shooting to bond with the children. This little guy definitely has a big future ahead of him, but right now he probably just wants to play.


2. German Shepherds

These guys are the leading police dogs, guard dogs, and military dogs. This breed can pick up almost any scent. They are a relatively new breed, surprisingly, and originated in the 1890s in Germany following World War I. These guys are truly the complete package, they are approachable and loving family dogs, but come with a dependable and fearless personality. They also happen to be some of the most expensive doggies on the planet, costing up to $24,000 big ones. And if you happen to be a billionaire, a super important person, or someone with a lot to hide, you can have your dog trained at the famous Harrison K-9 Security Service company for up to $50,000. These little guys don't seem like rough and tough police dogs…yet.


1. Labrador Retrievers

No breed comes close to labs. They have topped AKC's list for 26 years. As the loyal family favorite, these dogs are incredibly playful, loyal, and trusted companions. They have a long lifespan and and never lose their tenacity. They make great police dogs and search-and-rescue dogs, too!

Hannah Gregg