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Sit! $25

(< 6 hours)

Whether you have a ton of errands or a midday meeting, our half-day "Sit" is perfect for you! Drop off and pick up your pup (or cat!) any time for 1-6 hours for a half-day of play.


STAY! $39

(Full Day)

When we say "Stay" we mean a full day of play! From 6am-9pm every day, our doggie door is open to you and your pet. That's what we're here for!

** Fair warning, after a full day amongst furry friends, your pup will be exhausted and happy.


down! $49


Heading out of town? Planning a late night? Check worrying about your furry family member off the list with "Down." We welcome both cats and dogs to sleepover for one night or many. With 24-hour supervision, individual beds, and plenty of playtime, we promise to meet any and all of your pets needs!

Pamper your pet with our grooming packages. With available add-ons and cut styles, we can customize a style as unique as your best friend!

Play camp PACKAGES



Half-Day (under six hours) | $25/day

10 Half-Day Package | $20/day

Full Day | $39

5 Full Day Package | $34/day

10 Full Day Package | $32/day

20 Full Day Package | $29/day




Call for pricing


Call for pricing

* Prices and availability are subject to change. Please call in advance to discuss your needs in detail!


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